QUIT is a smoking cessation formulation that provides the same effect on the brain and body that real tobacco has, with a pleasant tobacco taste, without the harmful carcinogens or harsh chemicals that are in real cigarettes. QUIT is formulated with specifically selected proprietary nutraceutical ingredients, combined with terpenes to provide the desired physical and mental effects similar to that of nicotine and physical smoking of a cigarette.


Quit is a proprietary nutraceutical formula that resembles the experience of smoking without any harmful ingredients and with zero nicotine. Made with natural essential oils and terpenes, this product can be used “instead” of smoking and may actually lead one to “quitting” the habit all together.

Available in a 20ml bottle
Flavor: Tobacco
Must be consumed by pulmonary inhalation for an enjoyable experience.

Before these products hit the market, they are subject to human testing for efficacy. See our Test Results by clicking the appropriated images attached to this product.


Fill up your vaporizer according to its specifications

Vape Liquid works with most liquid vaporizers, and it’s convenient dropper makes it easy to dispense your daily CBD serving.

Store in a cool dark place; shake well before each use.


Natural and organic plant terpenes and essential oils
Propylene Glycol
Vegetable Glycol
Natural and organic aromas and flavorings


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