Step 1. Locate your Voucher Code –  Locate your purchased deal under “My Groupons” and locate the  8 Letter Code on the bottom left hand corner. *please note that this voucher is only redeemable towards the product size and flavor you selected on Groupon.

Step 2. Visit our website to enter your Voucher code- Click the following link:

Step 3. Redeem – Select redeemable product category – Gummies, Party Bag, Vape Cartridges or Tinctures.

Step 4. Select Your Redeemable Product Brand – After clicking redeem you will be redirected to the redemption instructions page. From here you will then select the redeemable product brand.

Step 5. Select Your Redeemable Product – Select the product you purchased

Step 6. Select Product Option – Please note your voucher is linked only to the product you selected on Groupon (Size, Flavor, Strength, etc.) After selecting the correct option, click add to cart and you will automatically be redirected to checkout.

Step 7. Redeem Voucher at Checkout – Enter your 8-letter voucher code and select “Apply Voucher”.

Step 8. Enter Shipping & Payment Information to submit your purchase

Still Having Issues?

If you are still having issues with redeeming your Groupon voucher even after following all the instructions. For better assistance, please email Customer Service at and provide them with the following:

(1) Groupon 8-Letter voucher code
(2) A screenshot of Groupon’s order confirmation of the product(s) you purchased
(3) Full Name & Shipping Address